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Weekend farmhouse

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On Saturday we went to a farmhouse in the South Gate Hill Forest Park to feel the nature life,breathed fresh air,improved everyone's relationship .

“When we are old, plant some flowers in a yard , the walls full of potpourri .”


In the countryside,first of all, the introduction of the eyes is the golden sunflowers outside the yard are blooming on its high branches .

Then in the farm courtyard ,you can see , there are some kinds of colourful flowers and variety of plants. They are vibrant .

The living room has a literary style. It fill with a lot of old decorations.It's unique .

Look,they are my beautiful colleagues .

In addition to looking at the scenery , we have a lot of delicious dishes such as shrimp, fish, beef, squid, beer duck, broccoli ...
Do you drool over?

Let you see how we are cooking.

These are our masterpieces .They look very delicious! Aren't they ?

We eat DIY food at sunset , raise the glass and drink together to wish our company just keep getting better !

Only a drop of water into the sea, it will not dry up, only one person be integrated into the collective can play a talent .
Gartt Model is one big family , we are looking forward to you join us to create a better future .


Add:Fenglin international centre B2716,Longgang district, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China   Tel:(86)13424336940